Fast, Reliable Key Duplication Service In Dallas

Top Gear Locksmith and their network of licensed affiliates experts offer top class, comprehensive locksmith services in Dallas. Key duplication is one of the most basic services a locksmith company is expected to provide, we can duplicate any type of key, on spot, providing you with a copy that is every bit as good as the original, sometimes even better (since we use only dummy keys of the very best quality).
Top Gear locksmith is a nonstop operation, we are always on the job 24/7, all year round. We guarantee a fast response time to any location within the greater Dallas area. Our key duplication service is top class, just like all other services we offer. To top things off, you’ll find that the rates we offer are practically unbeatable.

Any and All Types of Keys

With Top Gear Locksmith and their network of licensed affiliates, you can be sure that we can duplicate the key you need copied, no matter what type of key it may be. From the simplest file cabinet key to the most advanced transponder ignition keys (also called “chip keys”), our highly qualified techs have all the necessary know how and our service vans are equipped with all the necessary gear in order to make a top quality duplicate for you on spot.

Super Fast

At Top Gear Locksmith we value our clients’ time, being a local Dallas based locksmith services provider, we know our way around the city and its vicinity. A large fleet of service vans ensures we always meet the fast time as we promise. Once with you, our techs will waste no time, they will proceed to duplicate the key in question and provide you with a perfect copy of it, even if the original that you provided is damaged or broken.

Highly Reliable

Locksmiths reliability is a key issue. Top Gear locksmith is a well-known firm, over the years we have earned a reputation for being highly professional and 100% reliable. You can count on us to deliver on anything we promise and you need not be concerned about who our techs’ loyalties lay with.

At Top Gear Locksmith of Dallas we aim for full customer satisfaction with everything we do, key duplication service included. We know that in order to achieve this the top class service we provide must be coupled with highly competitive rates. Our unbeatable efficiency and honest billing policy ensure that the rates we offer are always among the lowest to be found.