How to Open a Lock with a Credit Card

It happened again – your dog got away, and you don’t have any other choice but to chase him down the road. But oops… the key is still inside and you are not. Any thoughts? Option number one is, of course, call your locksmith service provider of choice, pay for it, and get on with your day minus a few bucks. But hey, since we were kids, we all know what the best key for a locked door is – a credit card.

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We and our licensed affiliates have seen it, heard about it, but how do you really do it? Here is the perfect manual to explain how exactly you’re going to open a door when you don’t have a key, but do have a card:

1. Make sure the card you use is large and flexible.

The card, not necessarily a credit card, need to be strong enough to push down a metal latch, so you need to make sure it is durable (and expendable if something goes wrong…)

2. Your first action is to slide the card between the door and the frame.

Slide the card as far in as you can

3. Tilt! You got to the money time –

tilt and push the card, until you reach a point that the card gets in deeper

4. Bend your card to the other direction –

after tilting the card to the side where the doorknob is, you have to bend it the other way, forcing the lock to go back. Lean on the door, open it quickly, and go inside
That’s it, good luck!

open a lock with a credit card