Top 5 Car Alarm Security Systems-2016

Car alarms and remote systems are quickly becoming a trend today, with heightened instances of burglary and theft all over Dallas. Top Gear Locksmith and their network of licensed affiliates have rounded up five of the best car alarm security systems available in the market today.

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Top 1

The Viper car alarm and the remote system takes the top spot, with an LCD screen for notifications, starter-kill function, door sensors, remote start capability, an innovative feature called a shock sensor that activates when the vehicle is moved in any way, and long battery life. Although the Viper remote works best when nearer to the vehicle than the advertised range of 1 mile, the Viper is still affordable for its features and the additional smart start feature is a plus—it allows you to replace your remote with your smartphone.

Top 2

The Python car alarm and the remote system comes in a close second, with all the features and capabilities that the Viper has, except the smart start feature. Just like the Viper, it has no silent or vibrates function, a feature we at Top Gear Locksmith would like to see added to future models.

Top 3

The Avital car alarm and remote system have an easy-to-read LCD, all the basic features that you would want in a remote like starter-kill, remote start, and shock sensors, and other important features like trunk release, keyless door entry, and valet mode. However, just like the Python, it doesn’t have a smart start feature.

Top 4

The Pyle, expensive for its features (keyless entry, multiple sirens, and alarms, remote starting, starter-kill), has been reported to have remote and alarm radio frequency issues like interference. Customers report the remote buzzing when the alarm has not gone off, which causes confusion and unnecessary panic. There’s a possibility they’ll have this glitch fixed for future model releases. Unlike other alarm and remote systems, you can install it without the help of a professional.

Top 5

ScyTek, the most expensive of all the remotes featured, takes the last spot. It has a small screen compared to the other remotes, making the information not as readable; and instead of a picture of your car indicating what is happening to it when the alarm sounds, you’ll get flashing codes instead. This can be really confusing especially when you don’t have the codes memorized. It does, however, have a special feature that other remotes don’t have—a timer for parking meters. That could help you avoid parking tickets and keep track of how much you have to pay.

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